Refugiados Climáticos

Rediseño editorial de la Guía para Refugiados Climáticos de la organización UNHCR

Guía orientativa para la protección contra desastres y cambios ambientales mediante una reubicación planificada de las personas

A planned process in which persons or groups of persons move or are assisted to move away from their homes or places of temporary residence, are settled in a new location, and provided with the conditions for rebuilding their lives. Planned Relocation is carried out under the authority of the State, takes place within national borders, and is undertaken to protect people from risks and impacts related to disasters and environmental change, including the effects of climate change. Such Planned Relocation may be carried out at the individual, household, and/or community levels.

The objective was to redesign this guide in a new way, breaking with its formality.

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