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Jonatan Torreblanca
Visual Designer
Currently working for Nacar Design as a Brand Keeper.
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Updated July 2023
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720º Magazine
IED Barcelona
A magazine that looks beyond the design disciplines to light up future design scenarios. With Enric Sorribas & Anastasiia Stetsenko.
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Jonatan Torreblanca
Visual Designer
Filipe Freitas
Visual Designer
This rebranding is still in process...


The 720º Magazine project aimed to showcase future design scenarios beyond traditional disciplines. It investigated design future trends, interviewed future designers, and promoted their work and ideas. The magazine catered to design students, professionals, and creative individuals interested in the design field. The project covered editorial and branding fields.

Project Duration


The main challenge in this project was the lack of specific guidelines on how to showcase IED Barcelona's student work in a magazine format. This required the team to develop a strategy that effectively highlighted the work of the students in a creative and engaging way.


The project aimed to create a concept that would introduce design students to the design world while also attracting professional designers. The aim was to provide content that would showcase the work of design students and engage industry professionals.

Understanding the user

User Summary

The project targets individuals interested in creative professions, particularly in the design field. This includes design students, professionals, and creative people in general.

Pain points

Design students lack exposure in traditional media, hindering their ability to showcase their work. Professionals seek future design trends, but face disinformation.

Problem Statement

The lack of exposure in traditional design media and disinformation on future design trends are problems faced by design students, professionals, and creative enthusiasts.

Getting forward


The solution was to create a magazine that bridges the gap between design professionals and students. It showcases future design trends through research and student perspectives.


It was an school project so it did not have any real world impact.


Through this project, I learned about the significance of collaboration, creativity, and attention to detail in producing a top-notch publication. Planning and synchronizing work to meet deadlines was challenging.

Next Steps

If this project had a real production, next steps would be expanding its reach through social media and develop partnerships with design industry leaders to increase visibility and promote future design scenarios.