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Jonatan Torreblanca
Visual Designer
Currently working for Nacar Design as a Brand Keeper.
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Updated July 2023
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IED Barcelona
User Experience
Temporary signage on the preventive measures related to Covid-19 for Point 1 and Point 2, IED Barcelona’s two facilities.
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Jonatan Torreblanca
Visual Designer
Filipe Freitas
Visual Designer
This rebranding is still in process...


Temporary signage on the preventive measures related to Covid-19 for Point 1 and Point 2, IED Barcelona’s two facilities.

Project Duration

Started in October 2020 & ended in November 2020. Released in 2021.


Existing COVID-19 signage at IED Barcelona was ineffective, visually inconsistent, and failed to consider mental health impact on users. Resulting in confusion, low visibility and poor understanding.


To design effective, temporary COVID-19 signage that promotes positivity and reassurance for IED Barcelona's two facilities, addressing the current situation without causing alarm.

Understanding the user

User Summary

The target audience for the project were the various users of IED Barcelona's two facilities, including students (undergraduates, masters, postgraduates, summer course students), teachers, maintenance staff, staff (alumni, teachers, directors, administrative staff), and other visitors (speakers, collaborators).

Pain points

Users were facing difficulty in understanding and navigating the existing signage due to lack of consistency, poor visibility, and confusion with corporate signage. Additionally, the signage was adding to the stress of the already chaotic environment, creating an alarmist atmosphere for users.

Problem Statement

Getting forward



The EDI project was chosen and implemented by IED Barcelona management, enhancing users' understanding and navigation of facilities. Success was highlighted in an article on IED website and has been in use for over three years until the end of the Spanish Covid restrictions in schools.


Through working on the EDI project, I gained valuable insights into the process of designing temporary signage. One key takeaway was the importance of conducting thorough research and analysis of existing signage, including physical research in the building. This helped me to identify strengths and weaknesses and make informed decisions about the design. Another important lesson was the ability to adapt to client changes, as the original color scheme for the signage was blue, but it was changed to yellow as per client requirement. Additionally, I learned about the complexities and considerations involved in physically implementing signage design, including factors such as size, materials, durability, and print files.

Next Steps

The success of the EDI project has opened opportunities to further collaborate with IED management on new projects. Future plans include creating an animated version of EDI, expanding the design to other areas, and creating a design universe to develop other design pieces.