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Jonatan Torreblanca
Visual Designer
Currently working for Nacar Design as a Brand Keeper.
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Updated December 2022
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Redbull Basement Contest
User Experience
User Interface
Strategy & Business Design
Online platform that joins virtual reality surroundings with physical scenarios redefining this waythe end-of-school trip.


The product

Project duration

The problem

The goal

Understanding the user

User summary

Pain points

User persona

Problem statement

User journey map

Getting forward


The Offland project was the first Spanish winner for the Redbull Basement Contest, which is an international competition with a global reach. The project connected us with Jorge Branger (LinkedIn Top Voice 2020) and Viki Gómez (a Spanish BMX Flatland legend) among others. Redbull Spain prepared an event at Hotel Arts floor 41 to participate in the international phase, which was amazing! The project appeared in articles from IED, e-Magister and Artzape websites.

What I learned

Next steps or how would I evolved the project

The project needed a tangible solution to get a better performance at the international phase. Creating a VR world and demonstrating how would look the product.